About Us

Preferred Partnership Services, Inc. (PPSI) has the professional expertise that can offer a full range of transfer agent and administrative services to direct investment programs such as limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts, limited liability companies and privately held securities.

Our ability to focus on all facets of an investment offering allows PPSI to offer expertise from the initial broker due diligence and investor subscription periods through asset management and final liquidation of the security. Our back office capabilities include all investor recordkeeping, distribution processing and regulatory requirements.

Contact us with your concerns and needs, and we will address your issues to your specifications. We know that one size does NOT fit all, and can customize our services to meet your particular situation.

Contact us if you need:

  • SEC Transfer Agent services
  • Investor communications (written, meetings and phone contact)
  • Tax processing, including 1099s, federal and state K-1s
  • Electronic filing of federal and state tax returns
  • Database management for investor and financial advisor information
  • Commission processing and sales reporting
  • Cash distribution processing including ACH and wire transfers
  • EDGAR filing services
  • Proxy and Consent services and processing
  • Lost Investor searches
  • Financial printing, fulfillment and mail services

In addition, we offer 40+ years of experience in syndication including

  • Program Structure Consultation
  • Marketing Plans and Implementation
  • Printing Supervision
  • Fulfillment Services